Roman Blinds are increasingly popular as they are a beautiful and functional method of decorating the window.

BOS Interiors specialize in the manufacture of roman blinds and have an extensive selection of fabrics from our carefully chosen suppliers to ensure we have a wide range available. Romans add luxury to any room and are often the first choice for a bedroom or living space. They are however, increasing popular in conservatories, adding that cozy feel to a more ‘outdoors’ space within the home.

Our roman blinds are handmade using our ‘waterfall’ effect so each fold of fabric is visible below the other. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the blinds are finished to our high standards we do stress that with soft cloth the patterns can vary during manufacture (we do not manufacture the cloth ourselves) which will result in subtle variations in the finished product, especially where joins are needed.

One of our most popular combinations are roman blinds with dress curtains for living and bedroom spaces. This design option allows for a fantastic freedom when selecting contrasting fabrics and finishes for a great look and focal point for any living space.

BOS Interiors can manufacture roman blinds in a fabric supplied by the customer. Please contact us direct for more details regarding suitable fabrics and specifications.