NTU Blinds

BOS Interiors supply INTU beadfit Rollers, Venetian and Pleated blinds. The INTU system is designed to integrate neatly into most modern window frames including conservatories, tilt and turn and glazed doors. The INTU blind is designed with safety in mind with no cords loops or chains. Fitting this style of blind requires no drilling or screws as it ‘clicks to fit’ direct into the window bead minimising light gaps and giving great control of solar heat and light.

The INTU blind is a great option for doors and windows alike. It works with a unique tension system that prevents the blind from rattling against the glass when a door or window is opened. Allowing up to 15 degrees of tilt, the door or window can be easily operated with the blind in place. To raise or lower the blind, simply move the bottom rail into the required position.

Available as Roller, Venetian and Pleated blinds there is a great selection of fabrics available for all styles of blind.


Perfect Fit® is a totally unique product that allows a variety of blind types to be fitted to double glazed windows and doors without the need to drill or screw into frames or surrounding plaster work. With Perfect Fit™ the frames are made to fit the windows/doors and the blinds are made to fit the frames and they all fit perfectly.

Blinds using Perfect Fit™ are able to operate with the window allowing the ideal combination of shade and ventilation regardless of the window type. Perfect Fit™ blinds are particularly suitable for use with conservatory or atrium installations where multiple glazing units are used in tandem with each other.

Perfect Fit™ blinds can be manufactured to fit even those awkward shapes found in conservatory roofs – and all of this without any need for drilling or screwing into your structure or plaster work.

Perfect Fit™ blinds come in a variety of frame colours to compliment all types and makes of double glazed systems perfectly.